Simpson College

Lead developer and architect for Simpson College’s website. Built on WordPress and integrated with 3rd party user information systems.

Teach for Us

Lead developer for a network of over 900 teacher blogs. Built blogging network on top of WordPress and migrated over 900 blogs from antiquated platform.

National Geographic – Great Energy Challenge Blog

Developed custom management system for their blogging network to communicate with other blogs within the network. Made with love on top of WordPress.

See Toronto Now

Lead developer and architect to create an elegant system on top of WordPress to manage content for site. Advanced integration with the latest Google Maps API and other external data sources.

VW — TDI Promo Site

Developed the promotional site for their line of TDI vehicles. One of the first ever large-scale integrations with BuddyPress and Facebook Connect.

Dominos Pizza

Built promotional site for the launch of their new recipe. Developed an in-depth integration with Google Analytics and event tracking. Integrated with Twitter to retrieve the latest tweets regarding their campaign.