Montana Thermography

Designed and developed a brand new site for Montana Thermography. Working with some of the most talented designers, we came up with this stunning WordPress site to get the client’s information out there to help the people around Dillon Montana.

Screenshot of Real Property Management's Homepage

Real Property Management

As a long-standing retainer client of ours, we’ve developed several features to enhance the brand and information available to their customers and franchises. Over the years we’ve created tools for the franchises to calculate and receive customized reports for their properties. We also built many custom WordPress plugins for them, including one that integrates with their property listing software and pulls the properties into WordPress itself to help boost the franchise’s SEO. It’s been a pleasure doing business with them over the past many years.

Rocky Mountain Orthodontics

As a long-standing (going on 8 years!) client of ours, we’ve developed several features to enhance the information available to RMO’s customers. From uploading case studies and registering for seminars, to providing a platform for the marketing of RMO’s products, we’ve done it all. Part of the retainer services we offer is the peace of mind knowing your site’s stable and secure 24×7.

Jackson Hole Mountain Guides

Lead developer for Jackson Hole Mountain Guides’ entirely refreshed and re-skinned company website. Working with TMBR’s great team, we built this site on WordPress with plenty of filtering and advanced querying functionalities.

Brainfarm Cinema

Lead developer for Brainfarm’s completely redesigned website. Working with TMBR, we built this site on WordPress with plenty of custom templating functionalities and social integrations.

Angel Fire Resort

I had the great pleasure of being the lead developer on this project with TMBR. Integrations with social streams (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), Weather APIs, and custom email campaigns utilizing MailChimp’s service made this site an exciting opportunity.


Managing a blogger network of over 100 technical science blogs receiving millions of hits per month. Load balanced servers and other optimization techniques.

Simpson College

Lead developer and architect for Simpson College’s website. Built on WordPress and integrated with 3rd party user information systems.

Teach for Us

Lead developer for a network of over 900 teacher blogs. Built blogging network on top of WordPress and migrated over 900 blogs from antiquated platform.

National Geographic – Great Energy Challenge Blog

Developed custom management system for their blogging network to communicate with other blogs within the network. Made with love on top of WordPress.